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Autism B Theory

Autism B Theory provides an explanation for the cause of autism. The theory details why the natural biological demand during pregnancy can often explain the cause of autism.

This ground-breaking the theory, and book, explains how the autistic brain grows and develops in relation to:

  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Sensory motor development
  • Emotions
  • Social skills and understanding others
  • Focused and isolated attention
  • Perception
  • Problem solving ability and flexibility
  • Mental health and trauma‚Äč

The book also explains the wider phenomena associated with autism such as gut health and the microbiome, autoimmune health, synaesthesia, facial blindness, alexithymia, stimming, LGBTQ preferences, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), why there seems to be a higher prevalence of males, females masking and various others.

The book highlights specific supports autistic people can use themselves, as well as supports family members, carers and professionals can use to support autistic and neurodivergent people.

This book is a must have for anyone interested in autism.

My hope for this book is that it can help autistic people, families and professionals better understand autism. This will hopefully help create better supports that will help autistic people flourish.

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